Raila Odinga Academic background


May Kenyans believe that Raila Odinga does not possess a degree,he holds a certificate in Metal Works which he got while in a tour to Germany but sources say he is a graduate of Magdeburg Technical  University.Raila studied Masters in Mechanical Engineering at the university.

Magdeburg Technical  University was established in 1953.That is the university that Raila went to and studied Masters in Mechanical Engineering (Production Technology),however in October 1993  several universities in Magdeburg City merged and formed one big university known as Otto Von Guerricke Universitat named after the mayor of Magdeburg City.That is why we say Raila went to Otto Von Guerricke Universitat because the University he went was merged with others to make Otto Von Guerricke Universitat.

In 2016 Raila was invited as an alumnus of this university where he gave a speech for 20 minutes in German language.Remember  he has a certificate in German language Philology.

As for secondary school,he went to Maranda High School in 1961 after sitting for his KAPE in 1960 at Kisumu Union Primary School(Formerly known as Komulo Primary School,named after Bishop Komulo who donated the land where the school is built).

In 1962 Raila continued with his high school at Herder Technical Institute in Liepzig Germany.He graduated in 1965 with a higher education certificate.