IEBC fails to clear Jimmy Wanjigi to run for president because he doesn’t have a degree


Jimmy Wanjigi is in tears after IEBC rejected his application to run for president. During clearance it emerged that the billionaire does not possess undergraduate degree.IEBC established that Wanjigi reached form 6 but never proceeded to college. He only presented honorary degree which is not recognized by IEBC.

Jimmy Wanjigi, who was running under Safina Party,tried to explain himself while hitting a table at the IEBC but nobody was listening to him. While talking and throwing tantrums, he tried to shout at Wafula Chebukati but the microphone he was using was switched off, he was left talking to himself.

Jimmy is one of the people who financed Raila Odinga in 2017.The Enigma dropped him immediately after 2017 elections for the handshake. Jimmy got angry and joined Ruto.Few months later, he announced that he will go for president under Safina party.He was optimistic that he will get 3 million votes from Mount Kenya and inherit Raila’s votes,but IEBC cut short his dreams.

Today at Bomas,he cried tears of disappointment until one of his relatives came to collect him from a deserted room.He is now heading home and perhaps back to his usual business of deals.

The billionaire will join Ruto in a bid to finish Raila completely..politically

Meanwhile,Raila Odinga will launch his manifesto this week as he stares Jimmy being frustrated.