Polycarp Igathe Washes Toilets in Nairobi(Photos)


Azimio governor aspirant Polycarp Igathe has promised to streamline the toilet sector once he is elected as governor.Today,7/6/2022,he visited various toilets in Nairobi and found some of them in a sorry state.Igathe participated in cleaning the toilets and posted photos online.

His message to the voters in the city read:

The management of public toilets in Nairobi should be open, transparent, fair and effective. There should be more public toilets in market areas, bus stops and around the CBD so that we protect the sanitation of the people and the environment. This is something the #IgatheKaloki Government is committing to do”

Ever since he was named the main contestant in Azimio, Igathe’s popularity has gone up even past his main competitor Johnson Sakaja.He is currently leading with over 45% in opinion polls.

The former Vivo energy CEO is up to the task and has promised to make Nairobi great.Many Kenyans on social media have applauded him for trying to familiarize himself with the city.Below are some of the comments:

***I was team Sakaja but you have my vote sir. You mean business***

***Nairobians have no otherwise than to vote for you , you seem to be the most visionary leader among your worthy competitors***

***It’s good at least you’ve seen the condition the public toilets are in. ‘Public’ doesn’t mean they should be in a sorry state even lacking sufficient water***

***Oh Igathe! I will wake up early to vote for you. You have passed the test***

***I now I understand why in almost all the sectors you were designated you shined!

Jack of all trades you are!

I hope you win this***

*** During and through your campaign, you have managed to show us the other side of you. While many of us thought of you as a polished corporate man who is way up there, you have managed to come down not only to our level but to the level of the least one of us and by the virtue of that, I will wake up in the morning and vote for you sir***

Here are the photos of him cleaning toilets in Nairobi: