Latest Infotrack Opinion Polls June 2022 that have shocked Ruto,Raila is happy


Latest opinion poll from Infotrack shows that Raila Odinga is leading DP Ruto by a small margin. If elections are held today Raila will get 42% of the votes cast against 38% for Ruto.The poll further shows that only two presidential candidates have significant votes(Raila and Ruto), the other two won’t get even 1%.

Ruto leads in two regions, Mount Kenya and Rift Valley. The poll shows that the DP will get over 60% of the votes in Mount Kenya region and over 89% of the votes in Rift Valley.Raila leads in 6 regions, Eastern, Nyanza, Coast,Nairobi,North Eastern and Western.

If elections were held today, Raila will get 95% of the votes from Nyanza, the highest among the 6 regions he is leading.

In Western Kenya,Ruto will lead in Bungoma and tie with Raila in Vihiga while Raila will lead in Kakamega and Busia counties .The former Prime minister will lead in Nairobi with over 50% of the votes cast.Coast polls also show that Raila will get over 60% of the votes from the region.

This opinion polls comes at a time when Raila and Ruto have settled on their running mates.Martha Karua,Raila’s running mate brought huge impact to Azimio especially in the Mount Kenya region.Rigathi Gachagua brought small impact to Ruto.

The percentage scores for the two will change over time and by early August Kenyans will determine who will become their president from this year as President Kenyatta retire after serving for two terms.