Here is a presidential Candidate infecting women with HIV….Alai


Blogger Robert Alai has claimed that there is a presidential candidate infecting young women with HIV while giving them jobs.The blogger,who is accurate, says even other government officials know that the leader is HIV positive but they don’t tell his victims.

“It’s not good for a leader who wants to be President to consistently and knowingly infect young women with HIV.

This is happening under the guidance and watch of some of the most powerful state officers.

4 young women are crying their hearts out and living with regrets.

He infects them then give them businesses or influence them to have govt appointments in the central or county units.

Room 350 is a crime scene.

We have the names of the victims and this is just one wrong thing to do while so powerful”, Alai wrote on Facebook

He did not state who the presidential candidate is.

Currently, we have 4 presidential candidates, Raila Odinga and William Ruto being the most popular candidates.

In Kenya, it’s a crime to infect someone with HIV willingly.