Who is the 5th President of Kenya?


Raila Odinga will be the 5th president of Kenya in August 2022,he will succeed President Kenyatta after finishing his two terms. Raila Odinga will be sworn in a month after being declared the winner of hotly contested presidential race.

President Raila will proceed to name his cabinate,most of them being those who helped him clinch victory. Though former Deputy President will contest the result, all institutions will give him a black out.

Raila’s win will be celebrated in 7 regions, Nyanza, Western, Coast, Eastern,Nairobi,North Eastern and Central Kenya. His victory will majorly be as a result of his teaming up with Martha Karua who will campaign vigorously and deliver 42% of Mount Kenya votes.

Karua will be the Deputy President of Kenya from 2022 to 2027 then succeed President Raila Odinga who will retire peacefully.DP Ruto will remain opposition leader and will beg for 1 minute only to rule Kenya but nobody will hear him.

The 4th President,Uhuru Kenyatta, will seal all loopholes for stealing elections, something that will make Raila win easily. The former Prime Minister will win with over 8.5 million votes against Ruto who will get 7.3 million votes.

Ruto’s loss will be attributed to his poor decision he made while selecting a running mate.He will not see eye to eye with Rigathi Gachagua after August 2022,he will blame the former DO for making him lose elections.