Room 350 Weston Hotel


Room 350 Weston Hotel is very popular because it’s used by DP William Ruto as his office. When DP Ruto is in Weston with a visitor, that’s the room you’ll find him in.

Since 2018 there have been a lot of activities in the room and mostly, women and men are seeing entering the room. A number of those visiting DP Ruto are politicians and his workers.

The room is only reserved for Rootkit’s not a guest house as other rooms.

Weston is owned by DP Ruto and it’s one of the biggest hotels along Langata Road. The hotel stands on a government land which was to be repossessed by Ruto opted to pay for it.However, a solution has not been reached. If Raila takes over, he might repossess the land.

Room 350

The room 350 is situated in the last floor and it’s separate from other rooms.Ruto has a bed inside where he relaxes when he doesn’t have visitors.

Room 350 Weston