Why Wajackoyah’s entry into presidential race will affect Ruto’s votes more than Raila’s votes


The entry of Wajackoyah into presidential race will affect Ruto more than Raila.Wajackoyah has advocated for the legalization of Marijuana/Bhang, something which is exciting youths. Ruto’s major support is from the youths and a number of them will be happy if Marijuana is legalized so that they can smoke peacefully.

Raila has organic followers, those who will not be swayed no matter what. They have been supporting his presidency since 1997.In Nyanza,Eastern and Coast, his supporters won’t vote for Wajackoyah even if everyone is voting for the bhang advocate. New followers for Ruto are in Mount Kenya,Luanda ,Meru and some parts of Mombasa, those are the ones voting for Wajackoyah.Places like Luanda are not 100% for Ruto though they support Mudavadi.You’ll be surprised Wajackoyah getting thousands of votes from those areas.

Mount Kenya is the most affected area in terms of drugs. Bhang smoking is normal in the region.A good number of youths from the region will vote for Wajackoyah.

Based on these facts,Raila is going to take advantage and win the seat without a run off.Wajackoyah is a blessing for the former Prime Minister.

The only way Ruto can move out of this hole is to beg Wajackoyah to drop out of the race and join him, which is impossible.

At the moment,Raila is staring at presidency.