Pritty Vishy latest photos have caught eyes of Kenyan men,enough proof that her dowry is worth Ksh 20 million


Former Steve Simple Boy girlfriend Pritty Vishy is glittering once again. She has posted her best photos which are giving Kenyan men sleepless nights. Ever since she parted ways with Simple Boy,Pritty has indeed become pretty by using the best cosmetics and dressing to kill. Her sense of fashion has improved, elevating her from original kienyeji to a broiler.

This weekend, she had a chance to visit Mombasa for the first time, her face revealed the joy and excitement she felt after touching the salty sea water and running here and there at the shores of the sea. Everyone was able to notice,”ametoka bara”.

Here are the latest photos from Pritty,a woman who is demanding Ksh20 million dowry.