Johnson Sakaja posts a fake graduation photo from Team University


Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has posted a fake graduation photo from Team University to show that he graduated from the university. The Senator was told by CUE to provide 10 documents before he is cleared to run for Governor Seat. Today morning, he gave Kenya Kwanza his photoshopped certificate and graduation photo. Kenyans immediately established that the photo belongs to another graduand.

It will be hard for Sakaja to provide the 10 documents, which include proof of paid college fee, graduation certificate, transcripts and course units taken.

Sakaja dropped out of Nairobi University where he was pursuing Actuarial Science degree. He joined politics where he had a successful career. He had all the time to go to college and pursue an easy course but money  and good life couldn’t allow him to concentrate in class.

Below is the fake photo presented by Sakaja;