Photos of Wajackoyah Wife and Children


Roots Party Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah is a husband and a grandfather—he has a wife, children and a grandchild. The man who holds 17 degrees revealed that his wife lives in the US while his children live in the UK.His last born daughter is pursuing a degree in Medicine at the Cambridge University.

Wajackoyah left Kenya 1990s after the death of former Foreign Affairs Minister Robert Ouko.He was the one investigating the death of Ouko.He flew out of the country with his entire family.

He returned to Kenya early 2000s when Moi’s government was not in power, but he didn’t come with the wife.

Wajackoyah is a father of three, a son named Ty Luchiri and two daughters, Marjorie and Marz Luchiri.Wajackoyah’s son has a child called Jayden.

Wajackoyah’s wife is called Meller Lee Cheatham and works as an Air Attendant.

Below are the photos of Wajackoyah’s family:

The Root’s Party leader will emerge 3rd in the presidential contest. His manifesto include: snake and bhang farming. His aim is to use the proceeds of these two resources to pay huge debts owed by the Kenyan government. The presidential candidate will also introduce a policy of death sentence to all thieves, including government officials.