Incase you’re fond of buying Mandazi and Chapati from Nairobi streets, look at this photo—you won’t buy again


I know there are many Kenyans who buy mandazi from streets especially Nairobi.Those Mandazis are hot and sweet, they tempt you when you’re passing.But there is one thing we don’t know,how are they baked?what is the hygiene of those baking them?

There is a photo trending of a guy sleeping on baked Mandazi,the night before taking them to the streets.

The worst thing about this industry is that it’s not regulated.Someone will bake Mandazi in his house and take them to the road and sell to strangers.Health ministry doesn’t care about the well-being of Kenyans.It’s because of this that many Chemists are experiencing long queues of people buying drugs for typhoid,diarrhoea and other health related diseases.

This man shamelessly slept on baked baking flour,see the photo below: