Raila and Ruto rivalry goes online—they are tearing at each other as supporters cheer


Raila Odinga and William Ruto rivalry has now gone online .It all started yesterday,20/6/2022 when Ruto was seriously attacked at Jacaranda Grounds and later blamed Raila for the attack. After few hours,Raila responded:

“Mr Six months, for how long will you blame everyone for everything that befalls you. It’s not okay to be rudderless, clueless and plan-less. This country is slowly overcoming fraudsters and shortcuts that define your politics. Maliza uende. There is no room for sympathy votes!”

Ruto is the DP President,he is expected to retire with President Uhru Kenyatta,which is why Raila told him “maliza uende”.He is also on record saying in 6months,several stadia will be complete,not even one is completed as we speak.

It seems Raila’s online post didn’t go well with DP who responded today. Here is the response”

“Mr Kitendawili, so much for being clueless, rudderless and planless about the challenges of our nation and the solutions thereof.

The big question Kenyans are asking you and which you have refused to answer is; when are you going to stop using violence as your tool for seeking power???”

The two are leading contenders with Raila having massive support in 6 regions while Ruto in 2 most populous regions.Ruto is calling Raila the king of violence while Raila believes Ruto is the high priest of corruption and land grabbing.