Kalenjin man arrested in Ndumberi town club pretending to be a beautiful lady in àn attempt to rob unsuspecting Male clients


A Kalenjin man has been arrested in Eldoret after he dressed like a beautiful woman in order to rob unsuspecting men. Kelvin Kosgei wore a long dress and planted breasts, he also put on a wig for the job.The young man went and positioned himself strategically in a club in order to attract drunk men.

One of the men approached him for a service and paid Ksh1,000 but on arriving in a room,Kosgei overpowered him and disappeared. He again went to another victim who was not drunk.Luckily,the second man raised alarm when he realized that Kelvin is a man.Police rushed to the scene of crime to bring peace.

Upon seeing them,Kosgei alichana mbuga,but there were athletes among the police officers who ran after him and caught him within few minutes.

Later they discovered that Kosgei is a man from Eldoret who wanted to take advantage of alcohol in men to rob them.

Here are the photos of the thief: