DP Ruto complains about Prices of Unga, accuses those in government over failure to control food prices


Deputy President William Ruto has today accused the government of increasing prices of unga.Ruto, who was campaigning in Kajiado, could not understand why the government failed to control the prices of maize flour to the point of rising to Ksh200 per 2kg.

“A packet of Unga is now retailing at a historic price of more than Sh200. It is sad. Millions of Kenyans are burdened by the high cost of living because of failure to put in place interventions such as farm inputs subsidy that could allow farmers produce enough to eat and surplus for sale.

Those crying about the crisis are responsible for this crisis due to their misplaced priorities. Kenya Kwanza — through its Bottom-Up Economic Plan — will address this problem.

At Kajiado Town in Kajiado County with fellow leaders Musalia Mudavadi, Alfred Mutua, Katoo Ole Metito, Peris Tobiko, Kimani Ichungwah, a host of MCAs and political aspirants”,Ruto posted on Facebook.

The DP,who draws salary from the government and has been in government for 9 years says he is a stranger in the government. He blames Raila for the increase in food prices.

Currently,2kg of unga is retailing at Ksh213 to Ksh300.The prices is expected to increase further.In few weeks time,the unga might be limited in shops.