Sad!How this girl killed herself after being told by her boyfriend’s mother that she is too old to be married by him


I have hundreds of unopened messages in the page and personal inbox. I try as much as possible to read and respond to as many messages as I can, mind you I have a very busy life outside Facebook. There is this particular Man who kept sending me the same message “Wairimu please help Me” I may have started receiving this same message everyday since early May

Since the Guy is on a pseudo (fake name and no picture) I have been scrolling past His messages because I hate dealing with fake account holders.

Today around 1pm (PST) He sent the same message “Wairimu please help me” 🙏I decided I have just about heard it and was gonna figure out what His issue was once and for all.

I got back to Him but told Him I DO not respond to fake accounts and I usually block them but I will spare Him 3 minutes only! The guy immediately sent me His phone number and begged me to call Him. He resides in Boston. He said He has been suffering from severe depression and anxiety for years. I asked Him if He had faced some trauma in His life and this is what He told me. (I have permission to share it but to keep His ID hidden)

He told me that He is 45 years old. He migrated to USA in 2001 to come to School. He was dating His Highschool girlfriend at the time before He left. He promised Her to go back and marry Her after He settles in the US. They kept in touch almost daily. He tried inviting Her to the US (in 03,04 and 05) but alinyimwa Visa in all 3 times. He then decided to go back to Kenya in 07 to reunite with Her, He also planned on taking Her to officially meet His Parents. He was excited and so She was.She was to introduce Hi to Her family too. By the way, the girlfriend had met His relatives in 2005 at a burial of one of His Aunts, She said hello to His Parents and His 2 sisters but introduced Herself as a friend of their Son/Brother. She never met them again after that.

Sasa the Guy landed in Kenya in December of 07. It was on a Friday night. The girlfriend did not come to the Airport because His family was there. They had planned to meet the following day which was on a Saturday.That did not happen because the Guy was jet lagged and tired. They decided to meet the following Tuesday which they did in Nairobi. They had a good time and planned for the introduction that coming Saturday. The guy informed His parents when He got back home.

Fast forward on the day of the introduction, it did not go as well as they had planned and hoped. The girl received a welcome from hell! The Mother rejected her from the moment she got there. The sisters were asking her all manner of questions while His mom said she was too old to be married by her son! She is the same age as Her man. The girl was humiliated with sneers and the mother in law to be evil eye. She was told that she wanted to eat the guys money and wanted Him to marry Her because she wanted to use him to migrate to the States! The Guys Father was a bit nicer to Her. The guy was I’m shock and he kept telling them to be nice to her but his pleas fell on deaf ears!

Anyway she left there crying and the guy had no way of calming Her down. He promised to see Her the following day on Sunday, assured Her of His undying love and promised to stand with Her! So He thought??!

The Sunday they were to meet at their usual place in Nairobi but the girl did not show up and His calls to Her were unanswered! The guy decided to go to Her place using directions from Her brother. When He got there, He tried calling Her but there was no answer. A neighbor showed HIm Her house and when He went to the door, there was a foul smell which got Him very confused and concerned. He looked for the caretaker

who opened the door and they found Her dead!

He found Her hanging on a rope in Her small living room! It is assumed that She may have killed Herself several hours before He or anyone got there! The guy told Me that the horrific image of His girlfriend has lingered in His mind and tormented Him for years; He has Never recovered from the shock and He has never been able to move on! He has battled suicidal thoughts since then. He has never had any communication with His relatives back home and to Him, they do not exist. He has been on antidepressants and therapy for years…

I pleaded with Him to allow me to notify His Parents that I was in communication with Him, since he hasn’t spoken to them since he came back after the incident in 2007. He said he will never marry because His soul is still tied up to His deceased love of His life. He said He has no friends and lives a very quiet and isolated life alone.

May the Lord continue helping Him each day.

(THIS is just part of the conversation) some Men go thru a lot. It is very important to speak out. Healing begins from venting it All out..

To All Men going thru depression, seek help through counseling, talk to someone who will listen. You are Not alone…..