Luhya man,Aloise Ngombe claims death has forgotten him, buys Coffin in preparation for his death(Photos)


Aloise Otieng’ Ng’ombe, an 87 year old man from Busia, has bought a coffin of his choice worth Ksh. 58,000 that he would like to be buried in after he dies.Otieng’ believed that he has few days to live on earth and that he doesn’t want to bother his relatives and friends with burial preparations.

Otieng’ also had an opportunity to get inside the coffin in rehearsal of how he would like to be carried during his burial; this is the third time Achieng is doing this.

It is said that in the years 2009 and 2012 he had bought some other 2 coffins, which he later said that they were out of fashion and they should be used as firewood.

The Luhya man claims he has waited for death since 2019 but it seems it has forgotten him. He is now sure in 10 years’ time he will be happily dead.

Aloise happily talks about his death and how peaceful he will rest in his 58k coffin.

Here are the photos of the man who want to die even now—he is tired of living!