Nairobi Expressway Accident photos


The first Nairobi Express accident has just happened which involved several cars. An overspeeding car roamed into another car resulting to several cars hitting each other. The main culprit was driving at 170km/hr.

The accident destroyed one toll station and a section of the road at Mlolongo.It’s reported that some of the drivers were drunk.

Photos from the accident scene show several completely destroyed cars.Luckily, nobody died in the accident.

The government has not stated the maximum speed allowed by motorists plying the road,as a result everyone drives at his/her own speed, some even 180km/h

The road is not as busy as the regular Mombasa Road,it’s very clear.But a reckless driver is always reckless regardless of the road condition.

In future,those causing such accidents will be fined.

Here are the photos from the accident scene: