Why Kenyans are not helping Conjestina Achieng despite her suffering


There are many reasons Kenyans are not helping Conjestina Achieng.A photo of her suffering surfaced online and Kenyans condemned the leaders of not helping her.

 Now, today we have woken up to a trending photo of Conjestina Achieng who looks weak, sickly and a pale shadow of her former self. The life of Conjestina Ochieng can teach us a great lesson. In her hey days, this woman was on everyone’s mouth in Kenya, regionally and i would say in Africa. She was a queen in the boxing ring. Companies and everyone wanted her endorsement. As you can see in the first photo, she was with President Kibaki in Sate Hse. There are many other photos where she’s with distinguished personalities including the late nobel prize winner Wangari Maathai.

First forward and her boxing career nose dived. I first heard that she had been locked out of her house for rent arrears and then the next i heard was that she was in her rural village and she had lost her sanity (apparently she was abusing something). When that information leaked, many people said that she was a heroine and she should be assisted…and they tried. Contributions were made, i guess even a house was built for her. Kidogo kidogo i heard that she had gone back to her ways again. This time i recall Dr. Ida Odinga tried to help her with the CS Sports at some point. Then came in Mike Sonko who even tried to enroll her at Mathare Hospital cos apparently she’s an addict of i don’t know what. When she came out and went back home, she relapsed and went back to the same. Carol Radull stepped in and even had some sort of a kitty for her (i don’t know what became of that). Then today the second photo that you see there started trending. Honestly, people have tried to help Congestina (and i’m not saying that they can’t keep helping)…but she still keeps going back to what ails her. CLEARLY at this point we can therefore say Conge’s problem is not money…its not material, it is beyond money…the only one who can help this woman at this point is God.

Many of us can relate here. Maybe you are reading this, and alcohol has a stranglehold on you. Every single opportunity you get always end up being messed up by drunkenness. Your family members have tried all they can to help you but somehow you always find yourself in the same pit. Rehab has not helped…people are giving up on you and you can clearly see it and feel. They use their connections to get you jobs and within no time cos of absent-ism and lateness from alcohol addiction you’re sacked….they’re tired and no-longer care. You feel nobody wants to be associated with you.

Some of you are addicted to pornography, the more you try to get out of it, the more you find yourself deep in it….you got married thinking you would stop but you are still in it…your spouse has caught you doing it and now your marriage is on the verge of breaking….you feel useless and helpless.

Sometimes in this life people try to help, but their help is limited because they try to handle what they KNOW and what THEY CAN SEE. When life pins you in that corner, even money cannot help. People give up on you…they simply get tired, seriously; be they siblings or colleagues at work. And at this point when things are beyond mortal help, only divine intervention can rescue.

If you are reading this and you’re addicted to something or you have some kind of affliction that has a stranglehold on you, i raise a voice of command from the heavenly powerhouse where all power resides , may you find freedom. When everyone has given up on you, may God never leave you….may God’s light illuminate your life and cause a shift in Jesus Name.