Snakes are reared for their venom, meat and skins.The venom is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The venom is the most expensive snake product with 1gm selling at between 2000$-40,000$. A snake produces only 1.5gms of venom per year.

The requirements for snake farming are:

1. Temperature and humidity levels – Snakes require a temperature of 24-29 degrees Celsius during the day and around 21-24 degrees Celsius during the night.

2. The cages should be cleaned very often – This will ensure high productivity. The snakes need to be kept in optimum conditions, to prevent any health problems.A vet also needs to be on standby incase a snake gets sick.

3. Snakes usually eat around 3-4 mice at a time and need to be fed every 3-4 weeks. Snakes usually eat live mice, but they will also settle for frozen mice. At first, snakes love to play with their prey before eating it.

4.)You will also need a licence from the wildlife department.