Police Officer Albert Kipchumba shocks Kenyans after buying shoes worth Ksh102,000 from UK


One of the most flamboyant police officers Albert Kipchumba has shocked Kenyans after buying shoes worth Ksh102,000 from UK to celebrate his escape from poverty.Alberty,who also owns house worth Ksh40 million ,said he suffered a lot when he was young,so he must enjoy life to the fullest.

Here is the officer’s Facebook post:

“In 1985, pupils of Stoughton Primary School were set to go for a school tour to Nzoia Sugar Company, Mumias Sugar Company and crown the day with Mumias Complex primary school.

Af the age of nine, I was so excited to be among those who were going for the school tour. My greatest problem was to get shoes for the day.

I visited all my friends whom I knew had shoes to help me. I requested their parents but in all the houses I visited, I was not given shoes.

In the night prior to the great day, I visited my friend “Mr Muu” who was several classes behind me. He gave me the shoes but the tragic part was that the sizes couldn’t fit me.

At Nzoia Sugar Factory, I was the only pupil without shoes. Walking bare feet in that factory was a taboo! I didn’t care much the sticky floors.

We later went to Mumias Sugar Factory and later joined a class for evening studies.

At home, I became the talk of the school and the village.

Some years ago, I imported a pair of shoes from Great Britain at Ksh 102,000/- just to commemorate and celebrate the day I went for a school tour without shoes:

Below is the photo of the shoes that cost him Ksh102,000

Albert Kipchumba shoe
Albert Kipchumba sitting room
Albert Kipchumba house
Albert Kipchumba