Top Betting Sites in Kenya – Key Features of Kenyan Online Betting Companies


Check out favorite top betting sites in Kenya, find the best online sports betting sites in Kenya by reading our review.

Betting Sites in Kenya

Betting on sports is just as popular in Kenya as in any other country. In addition to some global websites that happen to be popular in this country, there are specifically Kenyan betting companies. Let’s explore what are the top betting sites in Kenya.

Key Features of Online Betting Sites in Kenya

The active betting sites here typically focus on the needs of an average Kenyan user. It means, for instance, that the servers are all in this region, the main languages are English and Swahili (often just English), and the sports include many locally popular betting options. It doesn’t, however, mean that they only provide bets on local matches.

New Betting Sites in Kenya

There aren’t many big betting companies in this nation. Some that exist are mostly new or relatively new. That includes Odibets (launched in 2018) and SportPesa (launched in 2014 as a generally sports-related proprietor of services). Other than that, Kenyan users prefer established worldwide betting providers.

Top 5 Betting Sites in Kenya

The list below contains the top 5 betting sites in Kenya. They are fully licensed and well-suited to operate in this country. They aren’t arranged as progressively better or worse.


Betway is one of the top sports betting sites in Kenya and worldwide. It started off as a British company, which explains why many sports that they offer in the catalogue are also popular in Britain: soccer, cricket, rugby & so forth. Fortunately, these sports are also popular in Kenya.

You can switch between live and upcoming bets, odd formats (fractional, decimal or American), as well as various languages based on where you’re from. 


22Bet is another successful betting app and site, although a bit smaller than Betway. 22Bet offers dozens of games, including the popular sports such as soccer, tennis and cricket. It’s also more of a British-oriented platform. Besides these, they also offer e-sports, marbles, various card games, ‘alternative’ sports and more.

Casino and jackpot options are also open to all.


Betwinner is a massive betting company mostly known for its diversity. They offer multilingual service and bets on many sports matches worldwide, including niche and local games. There are, obviously, many games popular in Kenya and surrounding countries, as well as service in Swahili.


SportPesa is one of the biggest Kenyan sports-related companies. They are a popular source of news on this topic, as well as a go-to website for bettors in Kenya, Tanzania, Britain and other countries. The content is full of current and live games, including many popular British games. The design is also rather pleasant – it’s one of the best-looking apps in this country.


Odibets is another Kenyan betting site that mostly focuses of mobile betting. The website is functional, but the layout has been designed largely for apps and mobile browser usage. In terms of sport, they focus on soccer, although there are other games, as well. It’s one of the better apps to be used in East Africa.

Betting Sites in Kenya FAQ

Is betting legal in Kenya?

Online betting and gambling are perfectly legal in Kenya, if the provider is licensed and registered.

What are the most common betting tips in Kenya?

Although you can bet on many different sports in Kenya, soccer might be the best option. It’s usually the most represented sport. 

Which odds format is commonly used by Kenyan betting websites?

Kenya’s betting sites prefer decimal odds, but in some cases you can switch between different formats.