Why William Ruto is the new professor of politics in Kenya


Ruto is the new professor of politics in Kenya.He has vast experience in managing elections. Dude knows all the loose ends and gaps in the election process.

At a tender age, he was the Director of elections for KANU party, at some point he was ODM Deputy Party leader, l and the last decade he was in charge of Jubilee elections by virtue of being the deputy party leader, remember the botched 2017 nominations that was conducted by Tuju and Murathe? Yes that one, WSR had to step in and in few days the nominations went on smoothly had it not been for him, Jubilee would not have had majority of elected leaders, he (WSR) sorted the mess at Jubilee house that Tuju and Murathe have never forgiven him for they knew what they had done.

Well recently, when team Azimio feared the primary nominations and kept off completely,, WSR through UDA the biggest party currently   ran one of the most  freest, fairest and transparent  nominations  with very few hitches.

Now when you hear Junet Mohammed & company claiming  Moses Wetangula of Kenya Kwanza  is Chebukati’s relative  and Tim Wanyonyi of Azimio is not Chebukati’s relative, and that Wetangula wasn’t Chebukati relative until 2022, just know that Raila is about to lose the election and refuse to acknowledge the results- predictably!

When you see Raila claiming we go back to manual register and voting in 2022 and he refused the same in 2017……jua kumeshikana kidogo.

As it stands,Ruto is ahead of Raila in strategies…but will he win considering it’s his first trial?!!!