Prof George Wajackoyah’s rural house (Photo)


Prof George Wajackoyah’s rural home  is in Indangalasia village of Matungu.This is where two police officers were deployed to protect the property of the presidential candidate,they were shocked to find a tiny permanent house which is surrounded by bush. The house is not even complete despite the professor driving a Ksh20 million car.

Out of embarrassment, Wajackoyah has decided to put up a new modern house which is almost halfway complete. The old house is standing alone like a woman who’s been dumped in the middle of the road.

The reason why Wajackoyah has not build a decent house is that he has been living in the USA.He never got time to come to the country during Moi era. Even after relocating to Kenya, he never bothered to build one because he had a comfortable home in Nairobi.

Below is the photo of the old house which is bending towards one side: