Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Wainaina CV


Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor Paul Wainaina was forced to resign after refusing to give out land to the World Health Organisation (WHO), which is setting up a Sh600 million emergency hub to cater for its regional operations. The Vice Chancellor had been told several times to surrender the land but he strongly objected the move.It forced the President to personally go to KU and oversee the groundbreaking of the construction of the new facility.

The land in question is 1000 acres which already the government has surrendered to WHO.

Here is the CV of Paul Wainaina,the outgoing KU VC”


Name:                        Prof. Paul Kuria Wainaina

Home address:          Kenyatta University

P.O. Box 43844 – 00100

Nairobi, Kenya

E-mail: [email protected]


1985    PhD (Philosophy of Education), University of Alberta, Canada. Dissertation:

“A Critique of Utilitarian Justification of Education”.

Main Units Offered:

Analytical Philosophy of Education

Phenomenological Approach to Philosophy of Education Philosophy of Language

Philosophy and the Social Sciences

Advance Research Methods in Philosophy Epistemological Foundations of Education

Axiological and Metaphysical Foundation of Education Introduction to Political Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy of Science

1982    MA   (Philosophy   of   Education),  University   of   Nairobi,  Kenya.   Thesis:

“Educational Implications of the Metaphysical Controversy Between Free Will and Determinism: With Special Reference to Moral Education in Schools”.


Main Units Offered:

Epistemology and Education Axiology and Education

Metaphysics and Education Logic of education

Contemporary Issues in Education Socio Philosophy and Education Research Methods in Philosophy

1976    B.Ed (2nd Class Honours: Upper Division), University of Nairobi, Kenya.

Main Units Offered:

General Methods of Teaching

Special Methods of Teaching Language and Religious Studies Child Development

Personality Development History of Education

Philosophy of Education Sociology of Education Economics of Education

Language – Kiswahili

General Linguistics

History of Kiswahili Development in East Africa Text Analysis

Religious Studies and Philosophy

African Traditional Religion Philosophy of Religion

History of Western Philosophy Christianity in Africa

20th Century Philosophy

The Foundations of Social Philosophy in Africa


2015    Training on Retirement Benefits Scheme for University Staff at Whitesands

Hotel, Mombasa (as a trustee).

Programme Focus:

Retirement Scheme Fundamentals

The Law and retirement Benefits Scheme Trustee and Governance

Retirement Scheme Investment Funding the Retirement Scheme Contracts and Sourcing

Administration and Oversight


2015    Training on Leadership in Management of Research Innovation.

2013    Management of Higher Educational Institutions, Galilee International Management Institute, Israel.

Programme Focus:

Knowledge Management: Managing in the Knowledge Era Change Management and Leadership

Educational Leadership in a World of Management

The Impact of Technology in the Future of the University

Higher Education in the 21st Century: International Perspectives Strategic Resource Development Plan

Competitive Strategies and Marketing in Higher Education Institutes Effective Team Building

The Road to Excellence

Decision Making Under Uncertain Conditions: Behavioural Economics

2012    Public Procurement Training by KIPROD Consulting Group in Partnership with the Public Procurement and Oversight Authority (PPOA).

Programme Focus:

Principles of Public Procurement

The Procurement Cycles and Planning Procurement Methods

Supply Market Analysis / Vendor Management The Tendering (Bidding) Process

Tender Evaluation and Selection Negotiation

Orders and Contracts Contract Management

Achieving Efficiency in Supply Chain Finance Payable Financing

Ethical and Integrity Issues in Procurement


2005 – To date : Full Professor of Philosophy of Education, Kenyatta University

1997 – 2004    : Full Professor of Philosophy of Education, University of Namibia

1996 – 1997    : Full Professor of Philosophy of Education, Moi University

1990 – 1996    : Associate Professor of Philosophy of Education, Moi University

1987 – 1990    : Senior Lecturer, Moi University

1985 – 1987    : Lecturer, Kenyatta University


Graduate level Undergraduate level Diploma level

1982 – 1984    : Tutorial Fellow, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

1972 – 1973    : Trained High School Teacher

1970 – 1971    : Trained Primary School Teacher


Philosophy of Education

Sociology of Education Undergraduate level
  Diploma level
Philosophy and Medical Education Undergraduate level
  Diploma level
History of Medical Education in Easter Africa Diploma level
Comparative Education Graduate level
  Undergraduate level
  Diploma level
Policy Issues in Education Graduate level
History of Education Undergraduate Level
Logic and Education Graduate level
Advance research Methods in philosophy Graduate level
Introduction to political philosophy Undergraduate level
Social Ethics and Education Undergraduate


March 18th 2016 – To date  Acting Vice – Chancellor, Kenyatta University.

October 2009 – To date          Standing in for the Vice – Chancellor, cumulatively for

one hundred and sixty six (166) days, as the Academic and Administrative Head of Kenyatta University.

October 2010 – To date          Deputy Vice – Chancellor (Administration), assisting

the Vice – Chancellor in matters pertaining to administration of Kenyatta University (5 years).

October 2009 – March 2010  Acting Deputy Vice – Chancellor (Academic), KU.

April 2010 – October 2010    Acting Deputy Vice – Chancellor (Administration), KU.


October 2010 – To date          Trustee, Kenyatta University Staff Retirement Pension

Scheme (5 years).

October 2010 – To date          Management Representative, ISO Quality Management

System & Performance Contract, Kenyatta University (5 years).

October 2010 – To date          Chairman, Internal Collective Bargaining Agreement

(CBA) with three different Staff Unions (UASU, KUSU, KUDHEIHA), Kenyatta University for 5 years.

October 2009 – March 2013  Member of the Kenyatta University Council, served in

Finance, Audit, Senior Disciplinary and Honorary

Degrees Sub-Committees, and also Chaired 3 Ad-Hoc

investigative Committees on Students Discipline,

Kenyatta University (3 years, 5 months).

October 2009 to date             Member of Inter Public Universities Collective

Consultative Forum (IPUCCF) Negotiating Committee (6 years).

October 2009 to date             Member of Kenyatta University Management Board (5


2006 – 2009                            Chairman, Promotions and Appraisals Committee,

Kenyatta University (4 years).

2006 – 2008                            Chairman, Centre for Higher Education and Training

Committee, School of Education, Kenyatta University (2years)

2006 – 2009                            Chairman, Academic Programmes and Restructuring

Committee, Department of Educational Foundations, Kenyatta University (4 years).

2006 – 2011                            Research Manager and Senior Researcher, Research

Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP) for 5 years. This was DfID sponsored Project involving Ghana, Pakistan, India and Kenya, with the University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh and University of Oxford being our Northern Partners

2005 – to date                        Member, Academic Board, School of Education,

Kenyatta University (10 years).

2003 – 2004                            Co-Director, University of Namibia – Hedmark

University College (Norway) Education Link for Staff Students and Research Exchange Programme (2 years).

2002 – 2003                            Co-Director, Ondao Mobile School Teachers Upgrading

Project, University of Namibia, Namibia – Taking education to the Ovahimba Pastoral Community (2 years).


2001 – 2004Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Namibia,
 Windhoek, Namibia (4 years).
1999Deputy Dean, Faculty of Education, University of
 Namibia, Namibia (1 year).
1998Chairman, Department of Educational Foundations
 and Management, University of Namibia, Namibia (1
1988 – 1993Acted on various occasions as Dean, Faculty of
 Education, Moi University Eldoret.
1988 – 1993Hostel Warden of 700 Students, Moi University (5
1987 – 1993Founder and Chairman, Department of Educational
 Foundations, Moi University, Eldoret Kenya (6 years).
1987 – 1988Chairman, Moi University Teaching Practice
 Programme (1 year).


a) Articles Published in Refereed Journals

Wainaina, P.K., Mwisukha, A. and Rintaugu, E.G. (2015). Professional Conduct of Academic Staff in Public Universities in Kenya: Learners’ Perception. International Journal of Education and Social Science, Vol. 2 No. 6; June 2015: 67-72.

Wainaina, P. K. (2014). Management of Mega Sports Events: The Case of the 2010 East Africa University Games. International Journal of Education and Research Vol. 2 No. 11 November 2014

Wainaina, P. K. and Mwisukha, A. (2014). Philosophical Dimensions in Sport. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Volume 19 Issue 6 (Version vii), June 2014: 45-48.

P.K. Wainaina, M Arnot and F. Chege (2011) ‘Educating Ethical and Democratic Citizens in a Post Colonial Context: Citizen Education in Kenya’, in Education Research Journal

P.K. Wainaina, (1993) ‘Utilitarian Ethical Theory of Education: A Kenyan Perspective, in East African journal of Education Vol. 3 No. 2

P.K. Wainaina, (1991) ‘The Demythologisation of Philosophical Knowledge in Kenya Journal of Education, Vol 5. No.1

P.K. Wainaina, (1987) ‘Utilitarianism and Education’ Msingi; a Journal of Educational Foundations, Vol 2. No 1


b) Books Published

J.E. Otiende, P.K. Wainaina and E. Waiyaki (1988), Social Education and Ethics for Secondary School, Book II. Nairobi: Longman

J.E. Otiende, P.K. Wainaina and E. Waiyaki (1987), Social Education and Ethics for Secondary School, Book I Nairobi: Longman

G.A. Bernnaars, R. J, Njoroge and P.K. Wainaina (1997), Philosophy of Education. Nairobi: Nairobi University Press

c) Book Chapters Published

P.K. Wainaina,  ‘A Critique of Giussani’s Epistemological Foundation of Education’ in


Education and Reality: Reflections on Luigi Giussani’s book, The Risk of Education, edited by P. Sanna, Published by Foudazione AVSI and Kenyatta University, Nairobi

P.K. Wainaina, (2006)

‘Introduction to Philosophy; Philosophical Methods of Enquiry’, Introduction to Philosophy of Education, Axiology and Education, and Epistemology and Education (5 chapters) in, Themes in the study of Foundations of Education, edited by D.N. Sifuna, F.N. Chege and I.O. Oanda. Published by Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, Nairobi

P.K. Wainaina, (2005)

‘What Knowledge is Most Worth for Development? in Education in Namibia: A Collection of Essays, edited by M.L. Mostert and C.D. Kasanda, Published by University of Namibia Press, Windhoek

L. Katjita and P.K. Wainaina, (2002)

The Provision of Compulsory and Free Education (1990-2000): The Juggling Act, in The Constitution at work: 10 years of Namibian Nationhood; Published by Vorloren Van Themaat Centre, South Africa,Pretroria

P.K. Wainaina,   ‘Teacher Education at Crossroads: A Challenge for Namibia’ in Issues in

(1999)Education, edited by B. Otaala and L. Mostert, Published by University
 of Namibia, Windhoek.

d) Articles in Selected Conference Proceedings

Wainaina, P.K. (2013). Management of Mega Sports Events: The Case of the 2010 East Africa University Games. Proceedings of the Inaugural International Conference of the African Sport Management Association Held between 2nd And 4th December 2011 atSports View Hotel, Kampala Uganda.

P.K. Wainaina, ‘Globalisation and the Quest for Human Well-Being’, Conference on Globalisation and Justice, May 20-23, 2006, Catholic University of East Africa

P.K. Wainaina, ‘Ondao Mobile School Project-The Education of the Marginalized Ovahimba of Namibia, Conference on Synergy in Development 2003: Higher Education

Partnerships, Washington D.C. August 6-8-2004


P.K. Wainaina, ‘Definition of the Gifted Child’ Proceedings of Regional Conference on the Gifted child, Eldoret, Kenya October 13-15, 1994

e) Unpublished Materials

P.K. Wainaina (1999)

Mid-Term Evaluation Report on a Pilot on Education for Human Rights and Democracy in Southern Africa (Namibia, Mozambique andZimbabwe) Sponsored by UNESCO

P.K. Wainaina.

Assessment Report (1998, 1999, 2000). Teacher Education Diploma Programmes, University of Botswana

P.K. Wainaina (1985)

A Critique of Utilitarian Justification of Education (PhD Dissertation)

P.K. Wainaina (1982)

Educational Implications of the Metaphysical Controversy between Free Will and Determinism: With special Reference to Moral Education in Schools (MA.Ed Thesis)

P.K. Wainaina (1990)

Philosophy: Knowledge and Research Methods. Paper presented in a seminar organized by the Kenya Philosophical Association

P.K. Wainaina (1985)

The Contributions of Empirical – Analytic and Continental Schools of Philosophy in Research Programmes. Paper presented in a Conference organized by the Afro-Asian Philosophical Association.


October, 2015

2nd International Annual Conference on Education and Lifelong Learning held at Kenyatta University between 8th and 9th October, 2015. Paper Presented: Professional Conduct of Academic Staff in Public Universities in Kenya: Learners’ Perception.

November, 2013

2nd International Conference of the African Sport Management Association, held at University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Paper presented: Philosophical Dimensions in Sport

December, 2011

1st International Conference of the African Sport Management Association, held at Sports View Hotel, Kampala Uganda. Paper presented: Management of Mega Sports Events – The Case of the 2010 East Africa University Games

September 11-13, 2007

The 9th UKFIET International Development, University of Education for the Good Life?

Conference Oxford,   UK.

on  Education  and Paper   presented:

May, 2006

Conference on Africa, Globalisation and Justice. Catholic University of Eastern Africa Nairobi, Paper presented Globalisation and the Quest for Human Well-being


August 6-8, 2004

Synergy in Development 2003: Higher Education partnerships, Washington D.C. Paper presented: The Ondao Mobile School Project-The Education of the Marginalized people in Namibia

July 2-6,2001

11th World Congress of Comparative Education Korea. Paper presented; The Importance of Citizenship Education in Namibia

April, 1999

Workshop on Inclusive Education, Windhoek, Namibia. (Sponsored by Manchester University and Department of Educational Psychology, UNAM) Paper presented: The Definition of the Gifted Child and its Implications to Education in Namibia

Sept. 30- Oct. 3, 1999

SACHES, Annual Conference. Theme: Development of Quality Education in Nambia

April 17-24, 1998

18th Annual International Seminar for Teacher Education (ISTE), Kruger National Park Resort, South Africa, Paper presented: BETD-SET at a Distance in Namibia

July 12-17, 1998

10th Congress of Comparative and History at Education Societies, Cape Town, South Africa, Paper Presented: Teacher Education at Crossroads: The Case of Namibia

October 1997

Writing Materials for Distance Learners, Workshop Organized by CES, University of Namibia

December 1996

Resource Person on Fundamentals of Teaching Primary School Teachers in Eldoret Municipality

in a Workshop for

November 1996

Conference on ‘Partnership in Participation’ held in Christchruch, New Zealand, Paper present: “The Girl Child Education among the Maasai of Kenya

August 1996             Creating a Centre of Academic Excellence with Limited Resources in

  1. Non-Industrial Country’ Lilongwe, Malawi, Paper Presented: “Provision of Education in and for a Democratic Society

January 1995

Education for Democracy, Johannesburg, South Africa. Paper presented: Education for Democracy: A Case for Kenya

March 1993

Education and Democracy in Africa. Kenyatta University, Nairobi. Paper presented Academic Freedom at Post-Secondary Institutions in Kenya

June 1992

Workshop on the Advance Courses in Educational Research Organised by IDRC, Canada.

August 1991

Regional Conference of Philosophy, Nairobi, Kenya. Paper presented A Philosophical Definition of the Gifted Child


July 1991World Conference of Philosophy. Nairobi, Kenya. Paper presented:
 A Theory of Education or a Philosophy of Education?
August 1998World Congress of Philosophy, Brighton, Britain. Paper presented:
 Plato and the Concept of the Good Life
May 1988First  African  Philosophy  Conference,  Mombasa,  Kenya.  Paper
 presented: How can we Teach People to be Morally Good
1987Workshop  for  writing  materials  for  B.Ed  External  Degree
 Programme, University of Nairobi, Kenya
1986Afro-Asian   Philosophy   Conference,   Nairobi,   Kenya.   Paper
 presented: Teaching Moral Values in our Schools
1985Conference on Values and Philosophy, Organized by International
 Society of Metaphysics, Nairobi, Kenya. Paper presented:  Moral
 Values in Education


a)   Doctoral Dissertations


F.M. Likoye:A Philosophical Analysis of Violence in the Context of Student
  Unrest in Kenyan Secondary Schools. Department of Educational
  Foundations, Kenyatta University, 2014.
F. M. MuriraTowards  a  National  Philosophy  of  Education:  A  Conceptual
  Analysis  of  the  Philosophical  Foundations  of  the  Kenyan
  Education  system.  Department  of  Educational  Foundations,
  Kenyatta University, March 2013
John M. Lilemba:Indigenous Mafwe Philosophy of Education: Impact of Western
  Education  from  1860-1990  April  2009.  University  of  Namibia,
  Windhoek Namibia
b)  Masters Thesis 
Muthoka: Effects of the Mungiki Sect on Access to Education in Nyeri
  County, Kenya, 2014.
C.N. Karumba:The Role of Punishment as an instrument of Behaviour
  Modification in the Kenyan Schools. (Med). Kenyatta University,
Fr. Mwinzi: Traditional African Education as a Foundation of Modern African
  Education (Med) Kenyatta University, 2007

M. Taruvinga:            A Study of Teachers’ Views on the Causes of Poor Performance in

Sciences:  The   Case   of   Ondangwa   East   and   West.   (M.Ed)

University of Namibia, 2002

F.S. Nyathi:                A study of Constraints faced by Teachers of English as a Second

Language in Nambia Senior secondary Schools: A Case study of Khorixas Educational Region (M.Ed) University of Namibia, 1999

W. Ngaanyi:                Assessment of African Self-Identity (M.Phil Thesis), Moi University, February 1997

F. Wairagu:                Ethnicity and Democratisation in Contemporary Kenya. (M. Phil.

Thesis) Moi University, April 1997

K. Nyaga:                   Plato’s Theory of Education and its Implications to Education in

Kenya (M. Phil. Thesis) Moi university, 1998

S. Buko:                      Educational Achievements in Turkana and Tana River Districts:

A Comparative Study, (M. Phil. Thesis) Moi university

F.O. Ogolla:                The Common Fallacies in Educational Policies in Kenya. (M. Phil.

Thesis) Moi university, 1996

R. Maithya:                Factors Influencing Choice of Social Education and Ethics Among

Form III Students in Central Division of Machakos District. (Med thesis). Kenyatta University, august 1995

R.W. Njoroge:            The Concept of Equality and its Implications to Education. (M.Phil) Moi University, 1994

S.K. Rutto:            Self  Knowledge  and  its  implications  for  Education:  With Reference to Creative Development of Students in Schools (Med)

Kenyatta university, 1986

On – going

Daniel Wambwire:     A Philosophical Examination of the Nature of Indigenous

Knowledge and its implications for Education with Reference to Maasai of Kenya.


a) Academic programmes

2007- 2009External Examiner, University of Nairobi
2003-2005External Examiner, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa
2002-2004External Examiner, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe
1998-2000Chief External Moderator, Diploma in Primary Education Teachers
 Colleges Affiliated to the University of Botswana
2000-2001External  Examiner;  Department  of  Educational  Foundations  and
 Management, University of Swaziland
2000-2001External   Examiner:   Department   of   Educational   Foundations
 University of Venda, South Africa
2000Member of Higher Degrees Committee, University of Namibia
1999External  Mid-Term  Evaluator  of  a  Pilot  Project  on  Education  for
 Human  Rights  and  Democracy  in  Southern  Africa,  sponsored  by
1995-1997External Examiner, Department of Development studies, Kenyatta
 University, Nairobi, Kenya
1993-1995External Examiner, Department of Educational Foundations Kenyatta
1992-1993External  Examiner,  Department  of  Educational  Foundations  &
 Management, University of Botswana
1986External Examiner, Kenya Technical Teachers College, Nairobi, Kenya
  • External Examination – Dissertations and Thesis Doctoral Dissertations Examined

G.K. Njoroge:         A Critique of John Dewey’s Theory of Work and Leisure: With Special Reference to Education in Kenya. (1997) Kenyatta University

E.N. Kimani:       Enhancement of Community Participation of the Development of Schools and Income Generating Projects in Rural Area. December

1997, Kenyatta University

J.O. Ogeno:             A Philosophical Examination of Epistemological and Moral Bases of

African Indigenous Education: With Particular reference to the Lou Kenya June 1994, Kenyatta University

D.H. Kasente:        Processes Influencing Gender Differences in Access to Post-Secondary Institutions in Uganda. June 1994, Kenyatta University

W. Gachiri:             Kikuyu Story-Telling as a Method of Communication of Moral Values. September 1996, Kenyatta University

D. K. Kombo:         The Correlates of Students’ Deviant Behaviour in Selected Secondary Schools in Nairobi, September 1997, Kenyatta University


S.K, Rutto:

The Subjective Implications for

Foundations  of Teaching  and

Scientific Learning

Knowledge of Sciences

and their in Kenya.

August 1997, Kenyatta University

L.J. Wanjama:

Factors that Influence Gender Mobility to the Top Levels Educational Management in Kenya. 2002, Kenyatta University


V. Soobrayan:

Transformation or Travesty? Africa

June 2003, University of Pretoria, S.

Masters Thesis Examined

M.N. Ndani:          Factors Influencing Teachers’ Attitudes Towards the Content and Teaching of Social Education and Ethics in Kiambu District (M.Ed)

August 1995, Kenyatta University

S. Ruto:                   Integration of Visually Impaired into the Mainstream of Vocational

Training  in  Kenya:  A  Comparative  Study.  (M.Ed)  August  1996,

Kenyatta University

T. Seefeldt:             Conditions and Factors related to Learner Achievement in English, of Grade 7 in Namibia: Analysis of 1995 Learner Assessment Study (M.Ed) February, 2002, University of Western Cape, South Africa

D.M. Mukathe:      The   Response  of   the   Arab-Swahili  of   Mombasa   to   Western

Education (M.Ed), May 1993. Kenyatta University

C.K. Ngome:          Factors that Influence the Provision of Agricultural Education in Kenya (M.Ed), May 1994, Kenyatta University

I.M.     Musyoka-   The Growth and Development of Education in Kitui District: The

Kamere:                  Case of Kitui School, 1884-1939 (MEd) 1992 Kenyatta University

F.O. Ombati:          The Development of Secular Education in S. Kavirondo District:

The Case of Government African School Kisii, 1935-1963. (M.Ed)

1992, Kenyatta University

J.O. Orimba:           Phenomenological Study of Violence in the Kenyan Educational Institutions in the light of Ethics of Care. (M.Ed), August 1999,

Kenyatta University

E. Omolo:               The Development of Christian Industrial Training Centre (CITC) Nairobi, 1959-1995) (M.Ed) August, 2001

P. Karanja:             Factors Leading to the Increase in Undesirable Student Behaviour Among Students in Selected Secondary Schools (M.Ed) August 2001,

Kenyatta University


  1. 11) Selected Community Service Initiatives

Board Member, Ruiru Secondary School Solai, Nakuru County. Director, Nyandarua Progressive Agency, Nakuru County.

  1. Funded Projects
2006Wainaina, P and Others; Research Consortium on Educational Outcomes
 and Poverty (RECOUP). This was DfID sponsored Project  involving
 Ghana, Pakistan and Kenya, with the University of Cambridge, University
 of Edinburgh and University of Oxford being our Northern Partners.
13) Awards 
1992African  visiting  Scholar  Award,  by  Association  of  African
 Universities.  Facilitated  my  visit  to  University  of  Botswana,
 Gaberone, Botswana
1989Dean’s Committee Research Award
1984Dissertation Award, by IDRC, Canada

Philosophical Association of Kenya Afro-Asian Philosophical Association International Society of Metaphysics

Southern Africa Comparative and History of Education Society (SACHES) Educational Research Network in Kenya


Member of International Editorial Board, Southern African Journal of Education (2002-2004)