This is the disease Paul Muite is suffering from


For the past 5 years Lawyer Paul Muite has not been seen in public because he was losing weight to keep sugar levels in check.The lawyer has been suffering from cancer, according to rumours but he has denied the claims saying he is not suffering from any disease.His weight has been of much concern to Kenyans who questioned the type of disease he is suffering from.

“Reports on social media that I am sick with cancer are NOT TRUE. Given my age, I have had to shed off weight on purpose to keep sugar levels where they should be otherwise I have never felt better; enjoyed 1 & 1/2 hrs jogging in Ngong forest this morning,” Muite said in a tweet.

Muite,who is among the longest serving lawyers in Kenya, is among those who fought one party rule by Moi and he won. The 77-year-old took a break from public life when his health deteriorated.

A photo of Paul Muite is being circulated online and he doesn’t look happy. Kenyans wished him quick recovery.