Meet Dismas Obanyi Mongare,Kisii man who stole everything from a lady he met on Tinder


A Kenyan lady is in tears after this Kisii man,Dismas Obanyi Mongare stole everything from her house after a night of fun. The two met on Tinder and barely a week,the lady was carried away and invited the man to her house. They spent the night together until morning when the lady left for work.Dismas was left in the couch changing TV channels and sipping juice,one leg on the couch,another one on the table. In the evening the lady came and found cockroaches welcoming her, the house was empty. Dismas had stolen everything,even spoons and cooking stick.

The lady has reported the case to the police but Dismas is nowhere to be seen. Many other women have reported that they had lost their items to the man.

Here are the photos of the man: