Why Mudavadi is Quitting Kenya Kwanza,Ruto in Trouble


ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi is leaving Kenya Kwanza after being shortchanged. Sources say that the son of Mulembe has decided to quit Kenya Kwanza after it emerged that DP Ruto will drop him immediately he ascends to power.

Mudavadi claims that the 70% target of Luhya votes he was given by Ruto is impossible to achieve. He further reveals that he is the only politician in Kenya kwanza who is not contesting for any seat, a situation which has left him at cross roads.

Mudavadi is busy negotiating with Raila and Uhuru and if given a good deal, he will quit Kenya Kwanza.His earthquake will come to abrupt end

For the past two weeks, Mudavadi has not been featured anywhere campaigning for Ruto.Even Kenyans have forgotten him. A close associate says he is looking for his exit and soon he will campaign for Raila.Mudavadi, who has been out of active politics for 10 years wants to be in the next government and believes that Raila stands the best chance.

Mudavadi is worried that Ruto’s numbers are going down.In case Ruto loses to Raila,Mudavadi and DP will sink together.