Miss Chumba Eldoret Expose—here is the list of men sleeping with married women


Anxiety in Eldoret as Online Influencer Exposes Marriage-Threatening Secrets..!!

This is due to an expose by an influencer identified as Miss Chumba, whose interaction with fans brought to light the dark dating lifestyle in Eldoret.She has exposed a list of men who are sleeping with married women, some in Eldoret and others in Australia.

The exposé featured prominent people, some in politics, feasting on unsuspecting victims.

Chumba’s account has witnessed a growing number of followers every minute. In January, she posted a thank you note for attaining 10,000 followers, but the numbers have grown and are now close to 20,000.

A number of followers on social media have termed the town as a big ‘bedroom’ that has witnessed drama in the past years.

 ‘‘Hii town unatulia tuu halafu dhambi zako za 2010 zinafufuliwa’’ – posted one of the followers on social media.

Here is a list of some of the names mentioned:

  1. Cornelius in Finland
  2. Dennis Biwot
  3. Nelson Kirwa in Australia
  4. Alfred Cheboryot
  5. Max Van
  6. Dennis Kisorio
  7. Amb Alfred
  8. Punchie—infested another man with HIV
  9. Ben 1
  10. MC Japhe
  11. DJ Nosh
  12. Benoit Cheruiyot
  13. Evans Ronoh
  14. Oliver Daktari
  15. Gachanja
  16. Chege
  17. Charles Sang
  18. Johnstone Sang
  19. Ray
  20. Flash Mwatha
  21. Blinky Ghattie
  22. Iddah Benie
  23. Fkili
  24. Smart Chege