Latest Opinion polls showing Ruto leading by 50.5%,Raila in tears


Latest opinion polls have been released and they show that DP Ruto is leading by56%, meaning that he will win in first round. The polls were conducted in the month of July 2022 in all regions. They further show that Raila will get 44.2% of the total votes cast if elections were held today.The polls were conducted by IRS

The poll shows that Raila has gained ground in Mt Kenya to around 23% but has lost ground to Ruto in Ukambani, where Ruto now has 39%, Western, where Ruto has 40% ,Coast, where Ruto has 40%, Maasai Voters Ruto has 47%, Kisii Ruto has 38%, Northern Kenya Ruto has 47%…the Poll shows that Raila has lost ground in all his strongholds of 2017, and has failed to gain the trust of the Mt Kenya voters.

Ruto has over 70% popularity in Rift Valley and will get at least 60% of the total votes cast in Mount Kenya region.

The new opinion polls have angered Raila Odinga’s supporters who have urged the Enigma to pull up his socks.Some are even ready to fundraise and ensure Raila campaigns vigorously.