This man slept with a married lady promising to give her a job only to block her—see how the lady reacted (WhatsApp chat)


A man by the name Gerald has broken the heart of a married lady after promising to give her a job. The lady was told that the job offer is on the table, the only thing needed from her is to remove her clothes for the man.Gerald enjoyed the entire night and was given a CV by the lady. The lady was cock sure that she would secure the job after giving in to his demands.

After waiting for long, she sent a message to Gerald on WhatsApp which he rudely replied that the job has been taken by someone else. The lady tried to argue and using strong words to prevail upon Gerald to give her the job but nothing bore fruits.

Eventually, Gerald blocked her on WhatsApp, something that broke the heart of the girl.

Lesson, never sleep with a man to secure a job!

Here is the WhatsApp conversation: