Why Kikuyu women give birth to handsome men and beautiful women


Kikuyu women are ranked among the most women in Kenya, Kikuyu men are ranked among the most handsome men in Kenya. Below is the explanation as to why this tribe produce the best looking population in Kenya:

Historically, Kikuyu are largely matriarchal where mothers determine the results of the gene pool. This has seen the community have more single mothers as a choice and not as a circumstance, meaning they can do what we call gene selection.

Secondly, Kikuyus and all Bantus were the latter to migrate to Kenya. The Cushites were the first followed by the Maasai nilotes, the Kalenjin nilotes, the Turkana nilotes, the Luo nilotes, the Giriama Bantu, then the Kamba Bantu, the Kisii Bantu, the Meru Bantu then the Kikuyu Bantu and followed by other communities thereafter.

The Bantus, Kikuyu included, came from central Africa into present-day Kenya, (ignore the old wives’ tales about descending from Mount Kenya). Mount Kenya belonged to Samburu Maasai but their nomadism saw them leave the area during drought seasons which saw the Kikuyus and Merus occupy areas around Isiolo and Nanyuki. (Samburu names). Even Ludwig Krapf named all Mount Kenya peaks after Samburu Maasai. Cos they were the original occupiers of the land.

Now, when the Bantu tribes settled there, the Cushites around Isiolo and northern Kenya interacted a lot with the Kikuyu and Kamba and the Merus/Tharakas which saw many children born with Cushite genes.

We also know that the colonialist occupied the coast and Kikuyu areas and this saw them get many children there. Many coast Arabs, Kamba, and Kikuyu have Portuguese genes. This means, that the majority of Kikuyus in a lesser populated Kenya bore kids with mixed genes and this later contributed to their complexion, and hair texture, and genetics. This has been passed down through generations.

Indigenous Kikuyus like Dedan kimathi, Rigathi, Kibaki, Karua, and Wangari Maathai are pure native African breeds. Their general physique and complexion are very Bantu and ‘undiluted’.

The Turkana, Luo, Maasai, and Kalenjin such as pokots are beautiful ebonics with big noses and full lips because the further into native Kenya they dwelled, the lesser they intermarried and mixed their genes with foreign races. That’s why, you can notice a Luhya, Turkana, Kalenjin, or luo from a Mile away.

The Kipsigis, my subtribe, have intermarried a lot with others hence our gene data has been redesigned; you see most Kipsigis don’t look like Eliud kipchoge a Nandi because Nandis are purebred native Africans due to the fact they dwell far into the Nilote lands where there haven’t been gene interruption. However, some kipsigis look like Kikuyus ( Faith Kipyegon, King Kalala, Kyrgitt, etc) due to bordering fair-looking Bantus. (Fair meaning complexion). Nandis and Luhyas share gene data … They’ve bred within each other a lot.

But I must advise you, there is nothing like Watoto wasafi, all babies are beautiful, and damn, a Turkana like Ajuma Naseyana or a Luo like Lupita are ebony beauties celebrated globally just like all women of Africa are, be they Bantu, Nilote, or Cushite.

We must learn to love and accept our indigenous identities. Don’t frown on your big nose and full lips just because your ancestors did not allow gene dilution. Tujipende vile tuko. Iwinjo?