Chebukati, you will die miserably like Kivuitu if you rig this election— letter from a concerned Kenyan


A Senior Kenyan by the name Mohammed Hersi has addressed Chebukati, warning of dire consequences if he ends up rigging this year’s election.

Here is a letter from the patriotic Kenyan:

I am now penning this as a Kenyan without any political affiliation.  Let only serious Kenyans comment on this matter and not those hired bots on either side.

Election is not some pre wedding or birthday bash. Elections handled in the wrong way can cause untold misery and damage to our fragile nation.  We saw what happened in 2007.

While initially I did not bother too much about stickers, these ain’t stickers.  These are barcoded election material hence transparency on your part and your officers is a must and not a favour to the people of Kenya.

Why would anyone carry such election materials for specific constituencies as personal effects, these are not confetti for a birthday bash. When you are questioned you are quick to threaten Kenyans that election preparation will be affected bla bla. If there is anyone to be blamed for any negative effects on 2022 poll preparations then that person is you and your CEO.

If it’s just a sticker without any security barcodes  like this sticker that you use on your hired vehicle no one would have any qualms  about them but worst part is for you to attempt to downplay a serious matter.

Such careless approach to electrol process almost destroyed this country and the man who chose to be casual about it never overcome Ill health and others ended up at ICC.

Bw Chebukati I initially give you benefit of doubt but not anymore.  You meesed up in 2017 and you should have gone after the messy process  and by default you continued and here we are facing uncertainty in 2022.

You now need to style up and get your ducks in a row. You guys need to be truthful  and get serious.