Shocking! Why most Kenyan cars show check engine light even after taking them for service


Have you wondered why Kenyan cars always show check engine lights even after taking them for service? Here are shocking revelations:

“please tell your followers that if they suddenly get a check engine light after leaving the club or the next day, there’s a group of young women who no longer want your mpesa pin through pilau; they pretend to be peeing or adjusting their dresses behind cars in nightclubs and since watchmen wouldn’t follow them, these high heeled and well-made up jezebelzs have spanners and have learned to spot vulnerable cars and they ng’oa mufflers. It’s a less than ten minute job. The dust in that thing is like gold. Very expensive per gram.We found three chicks at a club in Eldie tukawachota for further interrogation😄. They hadn’t completed removing it so we did a ‘settlement’ out of court (but tulikua alert, dame anabeba industrial gloves na no 18 spanner anaeza kukunyonga). Lakini ninwarembo you can’t imagine. Maybe they have a boss because walijuaje hii kazi. Walituambia they don’t enter the club with handbags ,they always have a getaway kadudu. Wueeh”


Following my previous post, a cop has told me the theft of catalytic converters in clubs is well known and mostly watchmen are also involved. When they are advising you where to Park, sometimes they ensure it’s a CCTV blind spot area or an easy access area. It’s rampant in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Thika. It takes less than 5 minutes. They use a chain cutter which is fast, small and quiet and have a small hydraulic wheel jack to lift the vehicle. There’s an attached video from the UK that shows how it’s done in 2 minutes. The converter has a mineral called palladium. Palladium costs more than gold in some global markets. In Kenya, a gram of palladium costs 6500/-. Catalytic Converters have between 2 and 7 grams depending on the type of vehicle. 1KG of palladium in Nairobi according to mineral rates is 6.1M. So, when they steal these things, they are mining. A catalytic converter hardly affects the performance of a car in Africa, since its main purpose is to manage emissions. That’s why most of you drive around without them, stolen by your mechanics who lie to you that the check engine light is due to faulty oxygen sensors. The main difference between the muffler and catalytic converter is that the catalytic converter is used to reduce the harmful gases from the exhaust while the muffler helps to reduce the loud noise of the engine. The story of the ladies stealing is true because they can’t be suspected and since there’s no heavy lifting (usage of a hydraulic wheel jack is easy) they execute and disappear. Who would have guessed?