Number of votes Raila will get per region in Kenya 2022


Raila is expected to lead in 6 out of 8 regions in Kenya, Ruto will lead in two most populous regions.Raila, who will retire if he loses elections, has the last bullet,very lethal. He is being pushed by deep state.Uhuru,the Azimio Chairman has vowed to do everything to teach Ruto a lesson.

The 2022 elections will be held on 9th August 2022 and here is how Raila will perform in each region.

Nyanza=2.6 million


Eastern=1.8 million

Nairobi=1.4 million

Coast=1.3 million

Rift Valley=1 million

Mount Kenya=1.2 million

North Eastern=200,000

Total votes=8.4 million votes

The race is tight because Ruto will get at least 7.5 million votes.

The result will be known as from 10th August 2022.By September 2022 we have a new president and it will either be Raila or Ruto.