DP Ruto Performance in presidential debate—shocking result


The result from Ruto’s presidential debate is out and contrary to many Kenyans that he would perform excellently, his performance was wanting.DP Ruto was give 49% by Yvonne Okwara and 53% by Eric Latiff.This means that he didn’t perform well.

The DP was expecting questions to do with his manifesto but he was asked questions about his previous performance as the DP.He didn’t have good answers especially in regard to Galana Kulalu project. He was also asked about his appetite for land, and again his answer was wanting.

DP Ruto almost stammered when he was hard pressed to explain about the public debt. He tried to say he is not in government but the answer didn’t convince the panel because he draws salary as the DP.

The questions were hard and were meant to pin him down considering that he has been evading them.

Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga skipped the debate, arguing that he can’t share a podium with a corrupt individual.His absence warked for him.