Nairobi lady ordered by the court to pay boyfriend Ksh 23,750 after eating Ksh3,000 fare


A Nairobi lady has been ordered by the Milimani small claims court to pay her boyfriend Kshs 23,750 after he sent him Kshs 3,000 to pay for a taxi to attend the man’s birthday party but the lady did not show up and instead switched off her phone.

The man went to the small claims court and filed the suit together with evidence which includes his M-pesa statement and WhatsApp chats between him and the lady before and after sending the money after the lady ignored his messages and then switched off her phone.

The lady was ordered to refund the man Kshs 3,000 plus interest of Kshs 750 and a further Kshs 20,000 in damages for the emotional anguish he went through.

The boyfriend was excited after the ruling as the lady cried and cursed the magistrate for the harsh punishment. It forced the police to unpluck her from the court after she tried to cause chaos.

This is a lesson to women,if you ask for fare,please go and if you can’t go return someone’s money.