Raphael Tuju claims Ruto was paid billions to support Uhuru


Former Jubilee Secretary General has sensationally claimed that DP Ruto was paid billions of shillings to support President Uhuru Kenyatta.Tuju,who was speaking at Citizen TV claimed that Ruto’s support for Uhuru was conditional.

Tuju explained that the amount of money was so much that Uhuru’s friends had to fundraise and pay Ruto.Sources claim that Ruto was paid Ksh 7 billion.

While revealing the DP’s dark side,Tuju said that he(Ruto) is known for grabbing land,he grabbed muteshi’s land, Kenya Pipeline land and the current land where Weston Hostel is located.

The former Secretary General revealed that when Raila came on board and pushed Ruto out of the government, everyone in Jubilee breathed a sigh of relief.He said the DP was manipulating and intimidating everyone.

Earlier this week Tuju had vowed to leave the country if Ruto becomes president.