This manager at Green Spot Kamakis is mistreating workers, he beats them like children—here is a testimony from Njugush


A manager at Kamakis is mistreating workers,he beats them like children.Comedian Njugush was at the spot and didn’t like the treatment the small,round man was giving his workers.Here is the testimony from the comedian:

So I was at a spot with Green lights along kamakis. A short round man with a cap appears from behind (tunaonja nyama tujue ni mkono au mbaru) . I came to learn later the guy is the manager. He knees a young guy in a red labcoat violently on his back because of a late order… For a moment I think they are playing. He pulls the guy behind a door written “Staff only” makofi zinalia ,at this point it’s serious. He doesn’t think anyone is seeing what he is doing. So the young guy anajinasua and comes in the light. Clear fingerprints on his cheek……the round guy now has come around threatening the rest “I’ll replace all of you” breathing all over. I can’t believe bana. They all have fear in their eyes,they bleed from inside ..Later I get my nyama and I learn that they guy who was slapped has been laid off. That’s what I can see from the outside, maybe I’m judging too much… But God knows what guys are going through to put food on the table. Mungu halali atawakumbuka…to those Demi gods who think others are children of a lesser god,you’ll pay,if not your kids will pay.