How much money was Diamond Platnumz paid during Azimio Rally in Kasarani


Diamond Platnumz is now a proud millionaire. The Tanzanian singer performed in Kasarani for less than 12 minutes and was paid $10,000, which is equivalent to Ksh 12 million, by Azimio.Diamond, who was a surprise guest entertained Raila supporters but his performance was as brief as a miniskirt.

Majority of Kenyan singers protested Azimio’s act, saying that Diamond’s performance was below par despite being paid the huge amount of money.Juliani was one of the artistes who bitterly protested. Eric Omondi and Sauti Sol were also bitter.

But despite the protests Kenyans told them off.Sauti Sol was particularly targeted because he is the one who vowed to sue Raila is he uses his song in campaigns.

Diamond is now smiling all the way to the bank.