Gideon Mungaro beats Aisha Jumwa to win Kilifi Governor seat


Gideon Mungaro is the new governor of Kilifi.The fearless man defeated the mouthy Aisha Juma by garnering 143,773 votes. Jumwa came a distant second with 65,893 votes.Jumwa ,who was chest thumping and name calling before elections has vowed to protest the win in court.

“I won’t accept,no way,this is unfair,I must protest the win in court,Mungaro is not someone who can defeat me”,Aisha said amid silence from her supporters.

There are celebrations in Kilifi after Jumwa was flooded.Mungaro’s supporters urge Jumwa to accept defeat and go back to class first.

This morning,Jumwa tried to call DP William Ruto for help but the DP did not answer her call.She went outside a lonely building in Kilifi and started crying.

Here is the real face of Jumwa after being defeated: