THINK TWICE before joining politics, Former MP, Kipkalya Kones’s son advises Kenyans


Former MP Kipkalya Kones’s son has advised Kenyans to think twice before joining politics.Here is a testimony from the son of the former powerful minister.

I’ve had a front seat to an election defeat. Nay…not just one…

I watched my dad lose 3 elections. It wasn’t funny. He spent hours outside in the yard reading his Bible. I guess he really wanted to find out if God was still with him.

We suffered too. The third defeat was especially bad. Every polling station he lost at was announced with mockery. Our house was sold because of campaigns, we went back to paying rent after forgetting landlords for over 20 years… My mum aged literally.

Bank loans were vehemently recalled and “friends” recalled loans in very unfriendly manners and yet money was scarce, we were humiliated and laughed at, his phone went silent overnight and yet his incoming calls had been coloured continuously with big shots calling during the campaigns. He had mingled with the high and mighty and now his phone calls to them went unanswered or were rudely cut off with messages of “Im in a meeting, I’ll call you later” that never ever materialized because the “meetings” never ended.

All the guys who used to throng our house telling him he was the King disappeared overnight. Some bought cars and plots with the money he had dished out to them for campaigning for him that they instead put on their pockets.. His blood pressure rose and he had to be on meds. So did my mother’s. Eventually she needed to have a heart pacer put in. It was hard hard time.

Some of the people who have lost in this election are experiencing that loss. It is like a death in the family. It really is. Especially when you spend so much and invested your spirit wholly into it.

This election…Is especially hard because there was a whole 3 months between the nominations and elections and some felt that they were in the “right” party and were home and dry. 90 days of people telling you you were the King or Queen..massaging your ego, calling you “Mheshimiwa mtarajiwa”, demanding money for lunches, fuel, PA system, paying people, mobilizing…what not. Yet in those same 90 days, someone Re-strategized and beat you. It’s hard.

Some losers were arrogant and deserve it but ultimately you wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone. Not even your enemy. As we celebrate the winners…let’s also remember the losers who are more in number.

To all of you who tried and didn’t make it, take heart. Sometimes you have to try more than once or twice or thrice to win. Other times you have to have to ask God for the wisdom to know when this isn’t the path for you. Ultimately no loser gets zero votes and that’s a plus.

You convinced SOMEONE. Let that fuel you.

Fight the depression,pick yourself up and walk again. This life is for fighters… And winners are losers who never quit…