7 Reasons why Raila supporters MUST accept that Ruto is the president of Kenya and move on


 Raila’s supporters MUST accept that Ruto is the president of Kenya and move on. The supporters have hoped that The Supreme Court will overturn the IEBC result which is not the case.Raila’s case is not strong enough to convince the court. All the evidence is in forms 34A and 34B.

Here are 7 reasons to prove that nothing will stop Ruto from being sworn in as the 5th President of Kenya:

Uhuru is silent

The silence of Uhuru means that he has accepted the fate and is ready to retire peacefully. If Uhuru was ready to fight for Raila, he’d have done it when results were being announced.

Ruto’s security has been enhanced

Ruto has received security from the GSU and Recce Squad which is equivalent to the security of a President. This means that he is already being treated as the president. Even in his Sugoi home, security has been enhanced.

Ruto receives daily security briefings as the head of state

Since the time he was declared the winner, Ruto has been receiving security briefings from NIS and other security organs. The privilege is only for the President.

His name has been gazette

The IEBC has gazetted his name as the 5th President elect.This is a huge step, he is only waiting to be sworn in as the President of Kenya.

He has started to organize his government

Today Ruto appointed Musalia Mudavadi as the Prime Cabinet Secretary,a position he promised the Amani leader when he joined Kenya Kwanza.He also received more than 10 MPs who were elected as independent candidates. These are signs that he is already the president.

Raila has been isolated

Apart from Kalonzo and Martha Karua, Raila looks isolated. Even Uhuru is not with him—he is hiding somewhere. His security details has been reduced too.

Even Raila’s supporters are not optimistic anymore, they look tired and demotivated.

Uhuru betrayed Raila

If Uhuru was determined to help Raila win the president, he had all the powers. He had powers to influence IEBC to announce him the president. The president didn’t even bother to campaign for him in Mount Kenya.

The government has enough financial and human resources to determine who to win and who to lose but the president took a back seat.

In order to make sure Raila does not doubt, he gave him enough resources to campaign.

Uhuru and Ruto understand Raila’s script.They know that after election results are ennounced,he will reject it and hurriedly move to the Supreme Court.Ruto ensured that the figures are in public domain so that in the Supreme Court Raila will not have any excuse.

It’s now official that Ruto’s presidency has been confirmed and nothing can reverse it.