Why Raila will lose the case at the Supreme Court


Raila Odinga will lose the case at the Supreme Court. The Azimio presidential candidate is expected to file a case at the court to prove that the election was rigged, but he will not win.

One of the reasons he will lose is that all the evidence is in forms 34A and 34B.If the result corresponds with the figures given by Chebukati,then Raila will have to give up.

In 2017, NASA alleged that IEBC was hacked. They presented a log file to show the extent of the hack.

From a forensic viewpoint;

1. They never demonstrated that the provided log was actually from an IEBC machine or that the IEBC used MSSQL Server to tabulate the voting results.

2. A normal unaltered MSSQL Server error log would not write timestamps out of order as was seen by the logs provided

3. Infact, the usage of the stored commands (xp_star.dll) on startup is a routine function call, not a malicious program as NASA claimed

In 2022 Azimio is disputing figures based on a percentage. (0.01%) throwing the country into a frenzy.

1. Where are the results from Azimio’s tallying center so we compare to IEBC’s?

2. To what extent does the percentage affect the results?

No tallying center, no data specialists, no forensic specialists. Just a bunch of suicidal sycophants misrepresenting facts with multiple inconsistencies.

Already, several politicians and lawyers have indicated that Raila’s case is weak. They have urged him to stop wasting time to court and instead accept that he has been defeated.