Raila Odinga’s house in Bondo where he will retire to after losing to Ruto(Photos)


Raila Odinga has a home in Nairobi, Kisumu and Bondo.Kenyans voted overwhelmingly to send Raila to Bondo,they told Ruto to use a wheelbarrow to carry him to the village.But it’s known that Raila is not an ordinary Kenyan,he is extremely rich.

In Bondo,he owns a magnificent home in a land he inherited from his father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.He also owns Ksh1 billion home in Kisumu’s Riati hills,one of the richest estates in Kisumu.

Raila lives in Karen Nairobi.Even if he retires from active politics, he won’t leave Nairobi for Bondo at the moment,you’ll be seeing him around.

Just incase you want to know,below are the photos of Raila’s houses in Kisumu and Bondo: