Kilifi pastor caught sleeping with a woman MCA Aspirant in a bush who went for prayers (photos)


A pastor in Kilifi is hiding after being caught red handed sleeping with a married woman MCA aspirant. The MCA had vied but failed to clinch the seat.Since she was so stressed, she called her pastor for prayers.

The pastor(name withheld) told her such prayers are better done in the bush in order to chase the demons away. He explained that the prayers might take a full night.

They embarked on a journey to the bush .The woman was wearing a skirt because she didn’t know what awaits her.

While in the bush the pastor started praying as he rebukes and chases away spirits, he was touching the woman everywhere as they prayed in choruses. After few minutes they held each other tight as they prayed. Temptations came until the pastor fell on top of the woman.The pastor wanted the word of God to enter through private parts.

Drunkards who were passing by while singing saw the two sleeping together. They took the following photos: