Why Supreme Court won’t declare Raila the president


Raila will file a petition at the Supreme Court of Kenya to challenge the election of Ruto as the president, but there are zero chances that the court will declare him the president.

One of the reasons why it’s impossible for the court to declare the Azimio presidential candidate as the duly elected president is because of security reasons. The country already knows Ruto is the president elect and most Kenyans have moved on. Knowing how emotional Ruto’s supporters are especially in Rift Valley, the court won’t dare declare Raila the predicent.The best the court can do is to order for the repeat of the election.

Uhuru is secretly supporting Ruto.President Kenyatta is secretly supporting Ruto but he is just quiet to allow the court to end Raila’s political journey peacefully. Though Uhuru is quiet, he has already accepted that Ruto is the president—you can see he has provided him with security equivalent to that of a president.The two have been negotiating chini ya maji.It even became clear over the weekend when Margaret Kenyatta said that Uhuru is ready to hand over power to Ruto when the right time comes.Only Raila supporters are living in denial.

Supreme Court does not have the mandate of declaring the winner,they can only order IEBC to conduct fresh elections.IEBC is the only institution mandated with the responsibility of conducting elections and declaring the winner.The work of court is to ensure that justice is done and also to swear in the president.

I can predict that Raila stands no chance of becoming the president. Even if the election is repeated, he will still lose to Ruto by a huge margin.

Raila will retire from active politics but he will blame Uhuru for not helping him to win the seat since he was the deep state.