How Raila will lose to Ruto again incase the election is repeated


In case the election is repeated,Raila will lose to Ruto again.There are 6 main points showing that the Azimio presidential candidate does not stand any chance,unless the Supreme Court declares him president.

Here are the reasons why Ruto will defeat Raila in case of a re-run:

1. The “President-Elect” Chebukati declaration already elevated Ruto to Presidential level. Many voters will therefore him as such particularly in the swing areas. In politics as in economics, it is called rational ignorance. The theory that “why look for another president while we already have a president.”

2. The populous Luhya community have tasted power and are likely to increase their vote for Kenya Kwanza. While in Azimio the highest Luhya will only be a Finance Minister,  in Kenya Kwanza, Moses Wetangula as House Speaker,  will be the third most powerful individual in the Republic of Kenya. And they see it coming. The numbers to propel Wetangula there have been secured.

And another Luhya, Wycliffe Mudavadi will be “Prime Minister.” They see it coming because the man who promised it, is President-Elect, just a heartbeat away from making good that promise.

3. Ruto has used his time as President elect to expand his household. With the entire leadership of a key swing region (North Eastern) now in Kenya Kwanza through UDM, that region is now up for grabs. And some small small catches to top up.

4. With an army of MPs (180 plus) including 10 independents, a formidable strength in the legislature and majority in the Senate, Ruto will step back to the campaign trail like a conquering hero sitting pretty in his strength of numbers. And it will not be lost to the voter.

5. The Agikuyu, having wiped off Jubilee and Azimio off from Mount Kenya, might decide to finish the job and slightly increase turnout. And hell will break loose. While everyone else may increase turnout,  it would be interesting to watch those who traditionally stamp excessive authority in the ballot box.

6. The most painful one is in Raila’s own backyard. Kidero and Gumbo supporters are openly saying that if shit hits the fan and we slide into a re-run, they will vote for Ruto to make Raila feel how they felt when their candidates were denied a chance for primaries. In Homabay for example, over 140,000 people voted for Kidero. If half of that number decide to dine on the yellow table, it portends doom in a closely fought election as that we have seen in the bullfight between William Ruto and Raila Odinga