Susan Kihika tycoon husband, Sam Mburu


Sam Mburu is the husband of Susan Kihika.They tied the knot on 7th November 2020 in a colourful ceremony attended by President William Ruto.Sam Mburu is a tycoon, one of the richest men in Nakuru.During the swearing in of Susan Kihika,Sam was present as the first gentlemen of the county.

Sam Mburu grew up in Solai Rongai,his parents were selling charcoal.He started his business as a soft drink distributor before starting Landmark Freight Services.

He was instrumental in Susan Kihika’s political growth,he singlehandedly sponsored her campaigns in 2013,making sure she is elected as the first Woman Senator of Nakuru.He again supported her election as the governor and even offered his Ksh20 million Land Rover for inauguration.

Here is the list of businesses owned by Sam Mburu:

  1. Landmark Freight Services
  2. Flats in Kitengela
  3. Rental flats in Embakasi
  4. Rental houses in Nakuru
  5. 10 Luxury cars estimated at Ksh 100 million

Sam Mburu was initially married to Beatrice Wanjiku who he divorced and married Susan Kihika,they had two children.

The tycoon is worth over Ksh 5 billion