Why Kenyan women love Maasai men—ngwati


Kenyan women secretly love Maasai women,they don’t resist them.One of the women who has slept with 60 Maasai watchmen explains:

“I can tell you for free, I have slept with over 300 men but none comes close to Maasai men when it comes to bedroom skills. The first time I slept with one was in 2012.We were in a work related tour to Mombasa and one of my colleagues, a Maasai seduced me.I wanted to feel him too,I accepted. That night, I felt Ngwati for the first time. That uncut skin had a lot of friction which made me cum 10 times—I have never had such experience in my life.From that time, I started hating our Kikuyu men—game yao iko chini.

One thing I love about Maasai men is that they also have a lot of energy, I think it’s because they drink a lot of milk and those traditional concoctions. The man can dig you for 3 consecutive hours,ukitoka huko hamu imeisha kabisa”

Maasai men are also gentlemen, they love their women with all their heart.

There was a time only Maasai women were getting married to Maasai men but nowadays even Kikuyu are getting married to Maasai men.

So,if you are a woman and never had a relationship with a Maasai man,you are missing a lot.